Prospect parking spaces increased

Westway Car Park2

Work to create an extra 10 parking spaces for residents on Westway in Prospect began this week in a bid to improve parking problems in the area.

The need for additional spaces was identified through a recent A1 Housing Residents’ Survey and has been backed up by Ward Councillors for the area, Cllr Simon Greaves, Cllr Madelaine Richardson and Cllr Alan Rhodes.

Cllr Simon Greaves, Leader of the Council and Ward Member for Worksop North East said: “When this estate was built in the 1960s, people didn’t have as many cars as they do today. Naturally this creates issues which have been highlighted by residents across the ward. We hope this will ease the situation for residents who live in this area.”

The work to create the car park, including fencing off the grassed area to prevent cars from parking on the green, is expected to take around two weeks to complete.

Andrew Davenport, Head of Property and Development at A1 Housing said; ”In 2017 we conducted a residents’ survey and this was one of the biggest issues highlighted by residents in the area. This is the second parking scheme that we have introduced as a result of the surveys.”

Published: Tuesday 30 January 2018