Community Sports Facilities to get helping hand

Bassetlaw District Council is planning to create a fund of up to £15k to help local community sports facilities and clubs apply for major development grants.

This new fund will allow clubs to secure specialist help when they are putting together complex and large scale grant applications to regional or national governing bodies or other significant funding streams.

A report on the Communities Sports Facilities fund was approved by the Council’s Cabinet in December and highlighted the difficulties that are currently being experienced by community sports groups and clubs who have ambitious development plans.

The report recommended to create a reserve that will help clubs to secure professional support at key points of their development process, specifically when putting together complex funding applications that require development and business plans.

Cllr Julie Leigh, Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, said: “Our local sports clubs have some extremely dedicated and highly motivated people. However, we have found that these people do not necessarily have the time or the specialist skills needed to make complex applications when they would like to develop their facilities and do not have the money to do it themselves.

“What the Council is proposing to do is to provide financial and practical support to secure the services of consultants who can help clubs with the planning and development work needed put together strong bids for external funding so they can develop their facilities.”

This fund will be available to sports clubs and community facilities from early 2018 and final decisions on grant funding will be made by a panel of Councillors. Clubs applying for assistance must meet the following criteria:

  • Clubs being not for profit in their constitution.
  • Clubs having an open membership policy.
  • Clubs activities and venues being within Bassetlaw
  • Clubs working with young children having adopted their National Governing Body Child Protection Policy and operating within procedures laid down.
  • Clubs affiliated to a relevant Governing Body of Sport by Sport England.
  • Clubs having a bank account with at least two signatories.
  • Clubs that cater for people with a disability. 

More information will be available on the Council’s website from early 2018.

Published: Thursday 14 December 2017