Swervy World In Concert

Event Type: Village Venture Shows
Date: Friday 27 March 2015
Time: 19:30
Location: South Leverton Memorial Institute
Price: TBC


Swervy World In Concert

Hop onto The Baghdaddies' magic carpet for an amazing musical trip from Newcastle, England through Eastern Europe as a gateway to the rest of the world!  The Baghdaddies have been astounding audiences across Europe for over 15 years.  The music appeals to everyone with a pulse with an eclectic fusion of Balkan wedding and brass band music played at breakneck speed.  Throw into the mix a little jazz, tango, reggae and ska and you have one of the most danceable bands (comprising trumpet, sax, guitar, bass, and drums) on this or any other planet. And they all sing too!

Box Office: 01427 880306

Box Office 2: 01427 880980/880598

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