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Below is a list of  some of the Policies and Procedures of Bassetlaw District Council.







(Excluding JNC Chief Officers) and (JNC Chief Executives)
It is recognised by the Council that discipline is essential for the conduct of the Authority’s

affairs, and for the safety and well being of all employees and the public. All parties have

identified that a disciplinary code should be fair and equitably applied. It is similarly agreed that

all disciplinary matters should be dealt with as quickly as possible whilst recognising the need

for a full investigation to be undertaken.







Bassetlaw District Council is committed to the development and promotion of a positive workplace culture that is free from harassment and bullying, and aims to ensure that any allegation of harassment or bullying at work is taken seriously, is properly investigated, and is dealt with effectively.



The purpose of this policy is to outline the employment rights of expectant mothers including maternity leave, maternity pay, returning to work, and varying contracts of employment.

These guidelines have been produced, following changes to legislation, to reflect maternity leave and pay entitlements and responsibilities as they apply both to employers and to pregnant employees and employees who are new mothers.


The organisational change policy sets out the main processes to be followed where, due to economic reasons, changes in the delivery of services, new technology or new ways of working; which result in needing changes to be made to the composition of the Council’s organisational structure and workforce.






Bassetlaw District Council recognises the rights of all staff to work in a smoke free environment and has operated a policy of no smoking within its buildings and vehicles for many years. The Council is committed to promoting the good health of its employees and the provision of a safe working environment. The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) requires that the Council takes reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of employees and members of the public visiting Council premises.


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