The Bassetlaw Plan

Consultation on the Initial Draft Bassetlaw Plan

This consultation has now closed

Bassetlaw District Council is in the early stages of preparing the Bassetlaw Plan. This will be the new Local Plan for Bassetlaw and establish the long term approach to development in the District up to the year 2034. On adoption the Bassetlaw Plan will replace the 2011 Core Strategy & Development Management Policies Development Plan Document.

This document will help establish the direction for the Bassetlaw Plan and presents a proposed development strategy and thematic policy proposals that will shape the future growth of the District. The draft document does not, at this stage, propose the allocation of any sites for development. Site allocations will be proposed during a later stage of public consultation.

The Initial Draft Bassetlaw Plan responds to the social, economic and environmental challenges faced locally, as highlighted in the Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report, and is grounded in a robust analysis of evidence. As a draft document it represents the Council’s proposed approach to meeting these challenges and managing the distribution and character of development across Bassetlaw. 

How can I see the Initial Draft Bassetlaw Plan?

You are still able to view the Initial Draft Bassetlaw Plan, however, consultation has now closed on this phase of preparing the Bassetlaw Plan.

The document was available for comment between Monday 17 October 2016 to Friday 9 December 2016

What will happen next with the Initial Draft Bassetlaw Plan?

All comments received will now be taken into account in the next stage of preparing the Bassetlaw Plan and a consultation summary published.

If you want to be informed about progress on the emerging Bassetlaw Plan, please submit your details to our consultation database.