Statement of Community Involvement Consultation

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Please note this consultation has now closed

The Statement of Community Involvement sets out the Council’s standards for consulting local residents and stakeholders in Planning decisions.

We are updating the statement and would like your views on how well you think Bassetlaw engages with you in Planning issues in your area and how we can improve.

Your views can help us improve how we consult; when we consult; and who we consult.

Tell us what you think about:

  • Timing of Planning consultations
  • Quality and quantity of information
  • Methods of engaging with the community
  • Who we consult
  • Availability and quality of information
  • How we respond to your involvement

Community involvement and consultation is an important part of the Planning process.

The Council aims to involve and consult local people in the development of plans, proposals and planning applications from the outset, before decisions are determined to build consensus and avoid conflict.

We want more people to be involved with Planning and shaping the borough and we need your help to ensure we do it right.

Planning is about how land will be used for development of new homes, jobs, parks, shops and roads. Through Planning we can keep the best of what exists and make sure that new buildings and uses are of a high standard and in the right place. Planning affects everyone, where you live, work, and how you spend your leisure time.

You can send us your individual views or as part of your residents’ association, social club, leisure group, family. We want to hear from everyone.

View the Statement of Community Involvement and submit your views by:

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If you have any questions about this consultation or other consultation issues please call us on 01909 533143.

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