Economic Development Needs Assessment

The council is currently preparing a new Local Plan – ‘The Bassetlaw Plan’ – which will set out the Council’s policies for delivering new homes and jobs and a more prosperous local economy. Up to date information about local businesses is crucial to our understanding of economic development needs within Bassetlaw for the plan period (up to 2035) and will inform economic development strategy decisions and policy development.

We have therefore commissioned GL Hearn to undertake the Bassetlaw Economic Development Needs Assessment (EDNA) which will provide an assessment of future economic growth, the demand for employment land, and the District’s employment land supply over the lifetime of the plan.

A key part of the EDNA is consultation with local businesses and other stakeholders. GL Hearn are keen to consult key employers and organisations in the District to ensure the findings of the study are as accurate as possible.

As such, we would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this survey. The survey can be completed online at the address below and should take less than 5 minutes. All responses will be treated as anonymous and strictly confidential, user data is only requested to validate responses. You do not need to answer all questions.

For enquiries about this survey please contact Tim Dawson at Bassetlaw District Council or Aled Barcroft at GL Hearn