Preferred Options

Site Allocations

This consultation has now closed.

The entire Bassetlaw Site Allocations Preferred Options Consultation Document is available to download, or you can download individual sections below...

The document above sets out the preferred sites for potential housing and employment growth across Bassetlaw, drawing on the results of Previous Consultations.

This consultation has now closed. Progress updates on the site allocations will be provided in due course.

Draft Proposals Map

This consultation Proposals Map updates the adopted Proposals Map from December 2011 (linked to the production of the Core Strategy and Development Management DPD) with the addition or the Preferred Options Site Allocations and is available as part of the Preferred Options Site Allocations consultation. It sets out geographical information relating to:

  • The Preferred Options housing and employment site allocations;
  • Areas of protection for nationally and locally designated biodiversity areas and sites;
  • Areas at risk from flooding; and
  • Specific areas and land uses to which policies apply as set out in the Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Development Plan Document.

Developing the Site Allocations

The Site Allocations selections process has involved the development of initial issues and options sites into the Preferred Options sites under consultation now. This development has been underpinned by a site screening process, development scenarios and a Sustainability Appraisal. This information is set out in the documents below:

As part of the site allocations selection process, detailed in the document available above, it became apparent that for Retford, the options of developing sites to the northeast or southwest of the town, had the potential to impact on sites of higher grade agricultural land. However Natural England only held detailed mapping of soil quality for one of these areas (available from the Natural England online Magic mapping system) . To ensure a more accurate comparison of these particular areas, Agricultural Land Classification Reports were commissioned by this Council to sample the soil quality of three sites around Retford, two in the northeast and one in the southwest. These reports available below:

Habitat Regulations Assessment

Under the EU Habitats Regulation Bassetlaw District Council must undertake a Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) to demonstrate consideration of the potential effects of the Local Development Framework Development Plan Documents on sites of European importance for nature conservation.

This assessment has been undertaken in accordance with the Bassetlaw HRA Methodology.

The initial report following the Screening Assessment of the Site Allocations Preferred Options document can be viewed below: