What Is The Core Strategy Examination?


Post-Hearing Proposed Changes to DPD

Following the Core Strategy Hearings, the Inspector wrote to the Council proposing a limited number of ‘essential changes’, which it was felt were needed to address matters of soundness. The Council has considered these proposals and has, in response to the Inspector’s letter, set out its suggested changes, which it believes address the soundness issues raised. The Council has also proposed some additional changes, which it was asked to consider during the Hearings, that it believes are also matters of soundness. Where necessary, these changes (defined as ‘focused changes’) have been subject to Sustainability Appraisal and are now available for consultation for a period of six-weeks (from Monday 27 June to Sunday 7 August). Following the end of the consultation period, the Council will compile a Schedule of Representations, which will include its responses to any points made. This will then be forwarded to the Inspector. He will consider these in his final Report.

Representation on the Post-Submission & Post Hearings Schedule of Proposed Focused Changes, from those who submitted Representations on the Publication Core Strategy or who took part in the discussions at the Hearings, should be sent (by Sunday 7 August) to:

  • Address: Planning Policy Team, Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings, Potter Street, Worksop, Notts, S80 2AH
  • Email: future.plans@bassetlaw.gov.uk

A Post-Submission & Post Hearings Schedule of Proposed Minor Changes, has also been produced, for information, by the Council, in response to discussions at the Hearings. It also incorporates most of the minor changes submitted to the Inspector, with its Statements, by the Council. These were discussed at the Hearings and, being minor changes are not the subject of further Representation.

Post – Hearing News

During the Examination hearings various proposed changes to the Submission DPD were discussed. These included both essential (or focused) changes designed to address matters of soundness, and minor changes to bring the DPD up to date, provide further explanatory text etc. The Inspector explained at the hearings that he would write to the Council to identify those parts of the DPD where essential changes were thought necessary. His letter has now been sent to the Council, and the changes are set out in the attached Appendix 1.

Examination In Public

An examination in public of the Bassetlaw District Council Core Strategy has been held by an independent inspector appointed by the Secretary of State.

The examination Hearings opened on Tuesday 17th May at 10am and ran over 6 days.

An Examination Hearings Programme is available, which summarises the timetable.

Core Strategy and Development Management Policies DPD - Examination Hearings Programme.

Location: Worksop Town Hall, Ceres Suite, Worksop, Town Hall, Potter Street, Worksop, S80 2AH. Directions/Location Map for Worksop Town Hall


The Secretary of State has appointed Christopher Anstey BA (Hons) DipTP DipLA MRTPI as Inspector for the Bassetlaw Core Strategy examination. His role is to test both the legal compliance and soundness of the Core Strategy.

Programme Officer

The examination process will be administered by the Programme Officer, Carmel Edwards. Ms Edwards is independent from the Council and works directly to the inspector. Any correspondence or queries relating to the examination should be directed to her.

Latest news- Meeting held on housing and employment land figures

In advance of the Hearings, the Inspector requested that the Council hold a meeting with interested parties to discuss the approach that had been taken to the production of the Council’s housing and employment figures. For more details on the meeting please see Matter 4 Meeting web page.

Planning For Growth

On 23 March 2011 Greg Clark, Minister of State for Decentralisation, made a Written Ministerial Statement, “Planning for Growth”, which sets out the Government’s commitment to reforming the planning system so that it promotes sustainable development needed to support economic growth and jobs.

Economic considerations are likely to be an issue to a greater or lesser extent in most, if not all, local plans. Ministers expect the ‘Planning for Growth’ agenda to be implemented immediately, and give a high priority and significant weight to the reform of the planning system to promote sustainable economic growth and jobs. Views are being sought on the implications of this policy development for all local plans that are currently being examined, irrespective of the stage reached, and therefore written representations relating specifically to the ‘Planning for Growth’ and other Budget statements are being invited.

Given this context, the inspector has requested that the Council advise anyone who made representations on the Submission draft Core Strategy & Development Management Policies DPD, and who wishes to comment on the ministerial statement in terms of its relevance to the Inspector’s consideration of the DPD, to please send your comments, by Wednesday 27th April either by email to programme.officer@bassetlaw.gov.uk or by post to the Programme Officer.

The Council will be given the opportunity to comment on representations and any statement from them should be made by Friday 6 May. Representations will be taken into account by the inspector and discussed at the relevant hearing sessions.