Employment Land Capacity Study


The East Midlands Northern Sub-Region Employment Land Review does not offer specific advice on where employment growth can and should be accommodated; from which sectors the demand for this growth may come; and what intervention, if any, is required to ensure that the market delivers appropriate sites. 

This study (part funded by East Midlands Development Agency), therefore, aims to:

  • Provide recommendations on the best locations for future employment land allocations in the District;
  • Identify the general constraints (including competing supply in the sub-region) to employment growth in relation to these locations, as well as the particular factors that may have led to market failure or to disinterest from specific employment sectors;
  • Provide recommendations on the proportion of B1, B2 and B8 uses each area can, and should, accommodate up to 2026;
  • Provide recommendations on areas where public sector intervention is required to support or generate a market for specific employment sectors;
  • Identify areas where there is current, emerging or potential oversupply in the market for specific employment sectors;
  • Give predictions on the potential number and type of new jobs likely to be created as a result of employment growth up to 2026.

Reports and Maps

Employment Land Assessments

The sites that are being considered for potential employment development in the Site Allocations DPD have been assessed for their suitability, availability and achievability (similar to the SHLAA process). Assessments of the sites can be found below: