Planning Complaints & Comments


Details on how to make a planning complaint, comment or compliment at Bassetlaw District Council


The official complaints procedure is in place to address any concerns where Bassetlaw District Council has:

  • Failed to undertake our duties correctly
  • Carried out our duties insufficiently or unprofessionally
  • Failed to follow proper protocol in our dealings with you

You may wish to make an official complaint if you feel:

  • you have received poor quality services
  • you have been given the wrong information
  • a service has not been delivered on time
  • or if you have a complaint about a member of staff

However, the complaints process is not the correct way to consider the ‘merits’ of a decision on a particular Planning Application.

Whilst you may not be satisfied with the outcome of the application this does not mean that the Council has dealt with the application incorrectly. Separate formal processes exist to challenge planning decisions, either through the appeals process as an applicant or if you are a third party objector you have the opportunity to challenge the Council’s decision by way of a Judicial Review in the High Court.

As a result it is important when submitting a complaint that you set out your grounds for complaint. The Council will only deal with your concerns through the Formal Complaints Procedures where you have provided evidence that it has not followed the correct procedures or that you have not been dealt with appropriately.

Formal Complaints process

If you feel we have failed to follow the planning process in an appropriate manner please contact the Council’s Complaints and Consultation Officer.


You may also wish to make an initial request for service. For example you may contact us to let us know about a matter that requires attention, such as site notice being removed. This will be treated as an initial service request rather than a complaint. You may also wish to make a comment about the services we provide, such as:

  • A suggestion on how we can improve what we do
  • A requests for an explanation of Council Policy/information


If you are pleased with the way we have done something, please let us know. This way of working can be copied and used elsewhere across the council.

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