Bassetlaw Custom & Self-Build Advice

Bassetlaw District Council supports innovative solutions which deliver new homes to the district. 

Here you will find out about what Bassetlaw District Council is doing to support people interested in designing or building their own home.

The Register

As required by the Self-Build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015, and Self-build and Custom Housebuilding (Register) Regulations 2016,  Bassetlaw District Council holds a register of individuals, and associations of individuals, who are seeking to acquire serviced plots of land in the authority’s area, in order to build dwellings to occupy as their homes. 

As well as personal information and contact details, the register also captures the type, size and location preference which helps the council to assess prospective demand.

How Can the Register help you? 

The Register is an option which is intended to ease the route-in for self-builders by removing the complexities of installing services and seeking planning approval (planning permission would be provided ‘in principle’ for ‘serviced plots’).  

However, there are some limitations of the regulations that could mean the Register is not the best route for all.

GreatBut look out for...
Councils should grant development permissions for serviced plots in sufficient numbers so that demand on the register can be met.  For example, if we have 10 individuals on the register, we should ensure that there are 10 plots offered to those 10 individuals. 

The regulations do not state where the plots need to be provided, only that they have to be in the District.  Councils have no obligations in terms of meeting the demand for plot location.

The challenge for Bassetlaw is that the district council has very little land, and so are dependent on landowners making sites available for developments in the areas where there is demand. 

In purchasing a serviced plot the typical unexperienced self-builder would benefit from avoiding the risk which can come from purchasing land without an agreement in principle for planning, and from the complexities of arranging installation of services.

We do not yet know how long we have to meet this demand, for example with 1, 2 or 3 years of first registration.

Serviced plots are expected to be sold at market value, which will include the cost of any installations required to provide services, and any other costs incurred by the developer.

Typically, the cost of a serviced plot will reflect both local residential land values, and the cost incurred by developers, in meeting the planning requirements for that site.  


How can Bassetlaw District Council help you to realise your ambition?

The Council is preparing a new local plan (The Bassetlaw Plan) which will support and increase opportunities for delivering custom and self-build plots. The Bassetlaw Plan will provide policy support for custom and self-build in areas where new development can be sustainably accommodated, while strategic housing land allocations in the plan could make a number of serviced plots available for a given time period. Furthermore, dedicated site allocations can be made to provide custom and self-build plots in phased releases over the plan period. The Bassetlaw Plan is scheduled for adoption in 2020.

Influencing Planning Applications

For relevant new planning applications, we use the Register to provide information on the likely demand for serviced plots for custom or self-build on sites.  This increases the chances of plots being provided as will feel more confident that they will sell.  However, if a plot does not sell within a reasonable period of time it is likely that the plot will be built-out by the developer into an affordable or market sale dwelling. 

CIL Exemption

The Council will assist custom and self-builders by exempting them from the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) that is normally charged when planning permission is granted for a new house.  We also offer pre-application advice so that you are more aware of planning constraints or issues, and can react accordingly before you submit a full planning application.  Find information on charges for pre-application advice.

More Information on Custom and Self-Build

There are many helpful on-line resources available to advise you further.  We find The Self Build Portal to be quite informative, but a simple search for ‘customer and self-build’ would offer a range of sources.