Premises Licence Reviews


Information relating to applications for a review of a licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003 is available to view below, after they have been received by the authority. The information will only be available when a licensed premise is under review.

List of current ongoing reviews (if any)

Name of PremisesAddress of PremisesType of LicenceCopy of AdvertisementWritten Representations Must Be Made No Later Than
The Vine Inn 13 Churchgate, Retford, DN22 6PA Premise Licence Site Notice - The Vine Inn  Monday 12 September 2016

What is a review?  

A review is where any responsible authority or any other person asks the licensing authority to review a Premises Licence because of a matter arising in connection with one or more of the licensing objectives 

On what grounds can a review be initiated?

A review will only be "relevant" if it relates to the adverse effect of the Premises Licence on the promotion of at least one of the licensing objectives and is made by an interested party.

This means that the request for review will need to demonstrate that the operation of the Premises Licence undermines one of the licensing objectives.

Considerations before applying for a review

Before applying for a review, interested parties may want to consider whether their concern(s) could be effectively dealt with outside of the formal review process. This could involve, for example:

  • Talking to the licensee or certificate holder to determine whether there are any steps they may be willing to take to rectify the situation
  • Asking the Council's licensing section to talk to the licensee on your behalf
  • Asking your local MP or councillor to speak to the licensee or certificate holder on your behalf
  • Talking to the relevant responsible authority (for example environmental health in relation to noise nuisance, or the police in relation to crime and disorder) to determine whether there is other legislation that could help resolve the issue

When can a review be rejected?

A review application can be rejected if the ground for review is considered to be frivolous, vexatious or repetitious. A repetitious application is one that is identical or substantially similar to:

  • a ground for review specified in an earlier application for review made in respect of the same Premises Licence which has already been determined
  • representations considered by the Licensing Department when the Premises Licence was first granted
  • identical or substantially similar to representations made when the application for the Premises Licence was first made and which were excluded then on the grounds of being irrelevant, vexatious or frivolous

In addition to the above grounds, a review can be considered repetitious if a reasonable interval has not elapsed since a previous review or the grant of the licence.

How do I make an application for review?

You need to complete the prescribed form.

There are certain procedural steps that must be followed correctly. The Licensing Department has no discretion to accept review applications that do not comply with the timeframes/requirements set out in the Licensing Act

When submitting the application, please send your original application and any relevant documents to:

The Licensing Department
Bassetlaw District Council
Queens Building
Potter Street
S80 8AH

Premises Licence Review Request Application Form

On the same day you must provide copies of the application and accompanying documents to all Responsible Authorities* and to the person who holds the Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate i.e. the licensee

Upon receipt of an application the Licensing Department will consider your application and either:

  • Accept the application – and notify the person or body making the application, or;
  • Reject the application - the person or body who requested the review will be notified in writing as soon as reasonably practicable

Upon receipt of a valid application the Licensing Department will:

  • Advertise the review for 28 days, from the day after the application was made:
    • at, or near the site of the premises to which the application relates (and where it can conveniently be read from the exterior)
    • at Bassetlaw District Council’s offices at Queens Building

Can other people/parties comment on a review application?

During the 28-day consultation period, a Responsible Authority or any other person may submit representations to the Licensing Department in connection with the review. The time limits for making representations will be set out in the notice displayed at the premises and the notice displayed at Bassetlaw District Council’s offices.

If you have any representations to make in relation to a review of a Premises Licence they need to be made in writing to

The Licensing Department
Bassetlaw District Council
Queens Building
Potter Street
S80 8AH

What will happen following the consultation period?

The Licensing Department will consider the review application, and any relevant representations that have been made, at a licensing panel hearing. This will be held within 20 working days of the end of the 28-day consultation period. Where the Licensing Department considers that actions under its statutory powers is necessary it may take any of the following steps:

  • modify the conditions of the premises licence (which includes adding new conditions or any alteration or omission of an existing condition), for example, by reducing the hours of opening or by requiring door supervisors at particular times
  • exclude a licensable activity from the scope of the licence, for example, to exclude the performance of live music or playing of recorded music
  • remove the designated premises supervisor, for example, because they consider that the problems are the result of poor management
  • suspend the licence for a period not exceeding three months
  • revoke the licence

Any remedial action taken will be directed at addressing the concerns to which the representations relate and the promotion of the licensing objectives. Modifications of conditions and exclusions of licensable activities may be imposed either permanently or for a temporary period of up to three months.

The applicant, the licence holder and anyone who has made a relevant representation will be sent a letter advising them of the date of the review hearing and inviting them to attend.