Community Centres and Church Halls


Although church buildings, community centres and village halls still require a Premises Licence relating to regulated entertainment they are exempt from having to pay any fees. The exemption to this is if the church buildings, community centres or village halls want to apply for a Premises Licence to sell/provide alcohol, a fee will then be payable.

Community premises’ committees need to look at the events and facilities that they offer so they can decide what type of licence to apply for. The options include: -

Premises Licence Application 

You will need to apply for a Premises Licence if you plan to hold more than 15 events a year.

Temporary Events Notice 

If your community premises are only expecting to hold up to 15 events in a year you may consider applying for a Temporary Events Notice for each specific event. This is not an application for a licence but a notification by the event organiser advising the Licensing Department that an event is going to be held.

The licensing of charitable events providing entertainment

If regulated entertainment is provided for the public in a village hall, scout/guide hall or similar, or if a charge is made to a private audience with a view to profit, including for a charity, then the provision of regulated entertainment at such premises would require a Premises Licence or Temporary Events Notice.

If the general public is not invited and a charge is made to a private audience (like family and friends) just to cover costs, and not to make a profit, then this will not be the provision of regulated entertainment and a licence will not be required.

If anyone invited to a private performance was not charged for attending the event but was free to make a voluntary donation to a charity by their own choice then no licence will be necessary. However, if the performance is to any extent open to the public (whether the public are charged or not) a licence will be required.