Acupuncture, Tattooing, Ear Piercing & Electrolysis


The Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1982 requires that the following types of skin piercing be registered with Bassetlaw District Council

  • Acupuncture
  • Ear-Piercing
  • Tattooing
  • Electrolysis

The act requires registration to cover both the person carrying on the practice and the premises for that purpose.

Once an application has been made and a fee has been paid, a representative from the Council’s Environmental Health Department will undertake an inspection of the premises.  If Environmental Health considers the applicant’s procedures and the premises to be suitable, then registration will be approved.

In addition to the general health and safety requirements of businesses the Environmental Health Officers will also check that the premises comply with the Council’s Byelaws including:-

  • The structure is suitable, in good repair and can be thoroughly cleaned/disinfected
  • Furniture and equipment is cleansable.
  • Protective clothing, towels and cloths are suitable and clean
  • Needles and other instruments are disposable or thoroughly cleansed/disinfected where necessary
  • Waste, including sharps/clinical waste, is disposed of correctly

It is illegal to conduct ear-piercing, tattooing, acupuncture or electrolysis unless the registration has been formally approved.

Please note that under the Tattooing of Minors Act 1969 it is an offence to tattoo a person under the age of 18 years, regardless of parental consent, except when the tattoo is performed for medical reasons by a duly qualified medical practitioner or by a person working under his direction..

The current registration fees are £123.00 to register your premises and a further £49.00 to register each person who will undertake the treatments.