What Are Land Charges?


You will require an Official Local Land Charges Search whenever a property is sold, purchased, leased or re-mortgaged. This will reveal any information about the property such as:-

  • Planning Permissions
  • Enforcement Notices/Stop Notices
  • Tree Preservation Orders
  • Conservation Orders
  • Smoke Control Areas
  • Listed Buildings
  • Section 106/Advance Payment Codes Agreements
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest
  • Ancient Monuments
  • Grants
  • Building Over Agreements
  • Financial charges on properties

Why do I need an Official Search?

Buying a House can prove to be the most expensive, frustrating item you may ever purchase. Bassetlaw District Council can:

  • Complete all searches within 5-10 working days.
  • Carry out a fast, accurate service by skilled, professional, fully trained staff.
  • Searches are accepted by all mortgage lenders.
  • Ensure that all information needed to compile a search is held and maintained by the Council.
  • Ensure that there are links to internal and external departments who can quickly get information.
  • Include a complete search history.
  • Ensure that every question on the *Con29(R) and *Con29(O) will be answered comprehensively with details of where further information can be obtained.

All Official Searches are covered by the Council's comprehensive insurance.

A tracking service where you can contact the Land Charges staff to find out the progress of your search is available.

Note: * A Con29 is the Official Enquiry Search Form that is compiled of standard set questions by the Law Society. The Official Search is certified by the Council and the Land Charges Act 1975. The search is completed by trained Council staff and contains information regarding Planning Permissions, Tree Preservation Orders, Listed Buildings, Road Agreements and Schemes to name a few. All of which is vital information whether you are buying or selling a house.

The Land Charges Register is held both on a computerised system and a manual card system. The Land Charges Register is made up of the following 12 parts:

Parts of the RegisterContent
Part 1 General Financial Charges
Part 2 Specific Financial Charges
Part 3 Planning Charges
Part 4 Miscellaneous Charges
Part 5 Fenland Ways Maintenance Charges
Part 6 Land Compensation Charges
Part 7 New Towns Charges
Part 8 Civil Aviation Charges
Part 9 Open Coal Charges
Part 10 Listed Buildings
Part 11 Light Obstruction Notices
Part 12 Drainage Scheme Charges

No Surprises!

When you buy a house, a search of the Council's records will ensure there are no hidden surprises, such as:

  • Repayment of monies owed to the Council.
  • Whether there are any trees on your land protected by law.
  • Future developments/road schemes.

Official Search Fees

Find out the cost of Official Land Charges.

Personal Search Fees and Access

The information provided is for information requested which is not available on the Council's public registers or regarded as free of charge. The information is available via the Council's "One Stop Shop" search facility or on the submission of an Official Search via a Con29(R) form.

Find out the cost of Personal Searches.

Official Searches

Please ensure that a plan is sent in PDF format of Ordnance Survey standard clearly outlined in red.

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

Important – CIL Liability is held as a Charge on Land.  If CIL is not paid you may have difficulty selling your Land or Property.

On the 1 September 2013 the Bassetlaw District Council Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) Charging Schedule came into effect. To find out more information about what development will be liable to CIL please visit our Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) pages.

If CIL is a requirement for an approved development this will be recorded on the Land Charges Register and disclosed to interested parties on receipt of an Official Search. This is the case for any Enforcement Actions taken in respect to the CIL.

For more information please visit our Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) pages.