Strategic Housing

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Strategic Housing is the team responsible for focusing together those services within the council that contribute to the delivery of the Housing Strategy, to meet the future housing needs of Bassetlaw.

Strategic Housing links together


Enabling development of the right types of homes, in the areas they are needed, with the right options for households.  For example 'market' and 'affordable' home-ownership and social rent, and the Custom & Self-Build Register.

Environmental Health

Improving health by enforcing Housing Standards and supporting the most vulnerable to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

Housing Needs

Providing early intervention to prevent Homelessness, and supporting a robust Private Rented sector.

A1 Housing

Working closely with A1 Housing to ensure high quality council housing and estate management is delivered.

Focus on Strategic Housing

We are at the forefront watching developments in the world of Housing, both nationally and locally. We use this information to advise the council on solutions for ensuring all services are prepared to respond to any statutory changes.   

Housing Strategy

The team have completed a Draft Housing Strategy 2017-2020 which recognises and sets out how we will aim to respond to the demands of the market in Bassetlaw.  Please give us your feedback on the Draft Housing Strategy.  The consultation is open until 15th March 2017.

The key document which underpins the Draft Housing Strategy is the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) which identifies what types of housing are needed to meet the demands of the market today, and the anticipated demands for the future.