What Must Be Reported?


Deaths and injuries do not have to be automatically reported, but must be reported if they occur as the result of an accident arising out of or in connection with work.

An accident is a separate event to a death or injury, and is simply more than an event, it is something harmful that happens unexpectedly.

When deciding if the accident that led to the death or injury has arisen out of or in connection to work, the key issues to consider are whether the accident was related to:

  • the way in which the work was carried out;
  • any machinery, plant, substances or equipment used for work; and
  • the condition of the site or premises where the accident happened.

If any of the above factors were related to the cause of the accident, then it is likely that the injury will need to be reported to the enforcing authority. If none of the above factors are satisfied, it is likely that you will not be required to send a report.


In general, regulation 10 of RIDDOR exempts dutyholders from reporting deaths and injuries that result from:

  • medical or dental treatment, or an examination carried out by, or under the supervision of, a doctor or registered dentist;
  • the movement of a vehicle on a road (unless the person was loading or unloading the vehicle or working alongside the road, eg constructing or
  • maintaining the road or adjacent buildings, the accident involved a train, or the accident involved the escape of a substance from a vehicle) and/or
  • the duties carried out by a member of the armed forces while on duty.¬†