Event Planning


Planning a Public Event?  Have you contacted the Safety Advisory Group?  Use the following pages to help you organise a safe event

Towns and villages throughout Bassetlaw regularly hold outdoor events.  These can include Galas, Fayres, Carnivals, Marathons, Walks etc.  Whether the event is large or small, held for a Charity or has a commercial purpose, the Safety Advisory Group at Bassetlaw District Council are here to help and advise with the planning details to help your event go safely.

The role of the Safety Advisory Group (SAG) is to promote good standards of safety at all public events within the District and ensure that best practice is followed to:

  • Provide a high level of safety at public events;
  • Promote Good practice in safety and welfare planning for events;
  • Ensure events cause minimal adverse impact on the local community

How do I start?

The Nottinghamshire Planning Guide provides a lot of helpful information to help you understand the various elements of Event Planning.  This can be used alongside national guidance documents to help get a better understanding of everything from risk assessments and insurance to emergency planning and number of stewards required.

Who do I need to tell?

There may be many departments within Bassetlaw District Council and many partner organisations that may need to know about your event eg BDC Licensing Deparment, Nottinghamshire Police, East Midlands Ambulance etc, 

To allow you to get the information and support that you need, an Event Notification Document in.  This will enable the event to be registered with the SAG and the help, advice and guidance process will begin.

Event Safety Management Plan

Depending on the type and size of your event, you may need to fill in an Event Safety Management Plan and attending an Advisory Safety Group Meeting.  However, you will be advised if attendance is required.  A template document of the Event Safety Management Plan is available to download to help you provide all the information that is needed.

The Event Safety Management Plan is a useful document for any event organiser as it will keep all your plans, procedures and information in one place and will ensure that you have considered all the events requirements.  It may be that you do not need to complete all sections.

First Aid

As the organiser of an Event, you will be responsible for ensuring that there is adequate medical cover.  East Midlands Ambulance Service have produced  an Event Medical Cover Guidance and an Event Medical Cover Calculator to help you plan this.  These documents will help you to understand your responsibilities and what level of cover will be required for your event.

Safety Advisory Group

A Safety Advisory Group will use your Event Safety Management Plan to understand the details of your event.  The group aims to support you in the planning process to ensure that your event is safe and well managed.

Download the Safety Advisory Group Protocol.

On Completion

When you have completed the Event Notification form, please send it through to the Environmental Health Manager at sag.process@bassetlaw.gov.uk

Booking a Council Park

If you wish to book a Council owned Park for your event, please complete the booking form on the Parks & Open Spaces pages.