Household Waste - Duty of Care

Fly Tipping - Household Waste

Advice for householders who have additional rubbish or waste

Householders are required to keep household waste secure in a suitable receptacle.  Suitable recyclable waste should be placed in the blue wheeled bin, all other general household waste needs to be placed in the green wheeled bin.  

If you are having a clear out, find you have an excess of waste after a celebratory period or have waste to dispose of following home improvements you have a legal duty to ensure it is dealt with responsibly.  Don’t let it end up dumped!  

If a ‘white van man’ cold calls at your home offering to take your waste away then fly-tips it, you may be held legally liable, prosecuted and fined up to £5000.  An unlimited fine applies if the case is heard in Crown Court.  It is an offence to pass your waste to anyone who is not a registered waste carrier.

Protect Yourself

By taking just two simple steps before allowing someone to take your waste away you will have taken reasonable steps and protected yourself.   All you need to do is:

  • Ask the person or Company offering to take your waste away (waste carrier) for details of their waste carriers licence, address and telephone number;

  • Check with the Environment Agency that the licence is valid by telephoning 03708 506506 or 03702 422 549 Minicom (for the hard of hearing).

The Council offers a household bulky waste collection service for a small charge.