Dog Warden Service


Bassetlaw District Council has a dedicated Dog Warden who regularly patrols the district picking up reported stray dogs.

The warden works alongside Nottinghamshire Police and the RSPCA to promote responsible dog ownership.

Other dog warden roles include working to reduce the amount of dog fouling across Bassetlaw by working with local residents, parish councils and schools. He also places dog fouling signs, arranges leaflet drops in areas and can carry out surveillance.

Stray Dogs

A stray dog is any dog (tagged or not) that wanders outside its owner's property boundary, whether by accident or not.

You must not allow your dog to exercise unattended, this can lead to indiscriminate fouling in public places, attacks on people and road traffic accidents.

Please be aware it is a legal requirement to have a collar and tag on any dog in a public place showing the name and address of the owner, even if the dog is microchipped

Finding a New Home for Your Dog

If for any reason, you cannot keep you dog due to unforeseen circumstances, please contact the following animal shelters.

  • Mayflower Animal Sanctuary, Bawtry
    • Telephone: 01302 711330
  • Thornberry Animal Sanctuary, North Anston
    • Telephone: 01909 564399
  • RSPCA at Bawtry
    • Telephone: 01302 719790
  • Babworth Animal Rescue, Retford
    • Telephone: 01777 708707
  • RSPCA Nottingham
    • Telephone: 0115 9334422


Bassetlaw District Council runs a Micro-chipping Service on a home visit basis. Our Dog Warden will make an appointment at your convenience to visit your home and chip your dog or cat.

It is important to update your microchip record if your personal details change. The two main microchipping databases are:-

  • Ainibase - Telephone: 01904 487600
  • Petlog - Telephone: 01296 390601

Dog Fouling

The Council takes dog fouling very seriously. There is a law, which means that all dog owners must clean up after their dog if it fouls in any place open to the public.

If dog owners do not clean up after their animal they could be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £100.00. Where a dog owner refuses to accept the notice the Council will not hesitate to prosecute. Any person convicted of a dog fouling offence in a Magistrates Court may be fined up to £1000.

Dangerous Dogs

Under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 the Police have primary responsibility to investigate a dangerous dog incident. The Council may be called upon by the Police to assist following this. Any issues with dangerous dogs should be directed to Nottinghamshire Police - Telephone: 101.


The Dogs Trust runs a subsidised neutering scheme to dog who meet certain criteria.  To find out if you qualify contact:-

  • your local Vet to ask if they are participating in the scheme
  • the neutering hotline tel 0333 202 1148