Carlton Forest Rescue Kennels


Carlton Forest Rescue Kennels, located on Blyth Road, Worksop is where any stray dog, collected by the Dog Warden Service or handed in by a Member of the Public, is kennelled, until the owner calls to collect them.

The Rescue Centre is spot-checked at least once every month by our Environmental Health Manager to ensure that it is clean, safe and the animals are well looked after.  This is done to ensure that it achieves the high standards that we expect from our contractors.

Any dog kennelled as a Stray Dog will have its own kennel with a run.  It will be provided with clean, dry bedding and the dogs are exercised every day.  Each dog has access to fresh clean water.  Food will be administered if the dog is still in kennels at "Feeding Time".

We currently have no concerns about the living accommodation or welfare of any of the stray dogs that are taken to this establishment.

In order for stray dogs to be released, any charges incurred must be paid in full.  These charges are set by the Local Authority and NOT by the Rescue Centre, so if you do not agree with what you have been charged, please call the Council on 01909 533219 and speak to Mr Gavin Bailey, Environmental Health Manager.

Kennel Charges (from 1 April 2017)

Day One £63.00 (day of kennelling
Day Two £72.00
Day Three £81.00
Day Four £90.00
Day Five £99.00
Day Six £108.00
Day Seven £117.00
Day Eight £126.00


If the kennels hold more than 1 of your dogs, a separate fee will apply for each dog