What Is Sustainability?

  • Economic
  • Social
  • Environment
  • Sustainability

Balancing all of the above is what sustainability is all about. Sustainability means to think about our future resources, care about the environment, that in which we live and that in which others live and improving quality of life.

Working towards sustainability is part of Bassetlaw District Council's corporate commitment. To get this agenda moving forward the Council has developed a Climate Change Strategy and a series of workplans which are based on the fourteen themes below and incorporate the Council's environmental, economic and social aspirations:

  1. Strategy - to embed sustainability into the Council
  2. Energy and Carbon Management - to review our impact on the environment and use of resources
  3. Data Management - to have accurate records of use of resources
  4. Energy Reduction - initiatives and projects to reduce energy consumption
  5. Renewables - to implement and advocate the use of renewables
  6. Water - use of resources
  7. Waste - to encourage recycling and reuse
  8. Procurement - to promote and use local and sustainable products where possible
  9. Transport - raise awareness and reduce fuel consumption in Council service provision
  10. Education - engage the public and staff to become more efficient in their use of resources
  11. Fuel Poverty - improve quality of life and provide signposting and advice
  12. Green Space - Habitat creation and improved management
  13. Built Environment and Planning - To include adaptation and mitigation to climate change and use of renewables to new developments
  14. Adaptation and Flood Management - floodrisk and adaptation improvements to the local area

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