Election Results 2012

The following were elected at the District Elections on 3rd of May 2012.

Candidate Name (Party)Ward
SANGER, Joan Mary (Independent) Beckingham
PIDWELL, David George (Labour) Carlton
SUTTON, Kath (Conservative) Clayworth
STOREY, Michael (Labour) East Retford East
GREGORY, Michelle (Labour) East Retford North
BATTEY, Ann (Labour) East Retford South
CHAMBERS, Alan (Labour) East Retford West
CHALLINOR, David (Labour) Harworth
TAYLOR, Tracey (Conservative) Sutton
ISARD, Shirley (Conservative) Tuxford and Trent
WHITE, Jo (Labour) Worksop East
JONES, Gwynneth (Labour) Worksop North
LEIGH, Rebecca (Labour) Worksop North-East
FIELDING, Sybil (Labour) Worksop North-West
MAY, Sylvia (Labour) Worksop South
SHEPHARD, John (Labour) Worksop South-East

Please Note: The Parishes were uncontested

PCC Election Results - 15 November 2012

Second stage counting results:

  Second stage Count Total
SPENCER, Malcolm 22526 52789
TIPPING, Paddy 8563 65919 - Elected

Paddy Tipping is declared the winner of the election.

The First Stage results were:

CHANDRAN, Raj 19050
ROBERTS, Tony 26304
SPENCER, Malcolm 30263
TIPPING, Paddy 57356
Rejected 2769
Total 135742

As no candidate has 50% of the vote, the Second stage count will be carried out.

Malcolm Spencer and Paddy Tipping go into the Second Stage.