County Council Elections

County Council Election Results - Thursday 4 May

Electoral DivisionCounty Councillor Elected (Party)
Blyth & Harworth Sheila Janice Place (Labour)
Misterton Tracey Lee Taylor (Conservative)
Retford East Steve Vickers (Conservative) 
Retford West Mike Quigley (Conservative) 
Tuxford John Ogle (Conservative) 
Worksop East Glynn Gilfoyle (Labour) 
Worksop North Alan Rhodes (Labour) 
Worksop South Kevin Maurizio Greaves (Labour) 
Worksop West Sybil Jacqueline Fielding (Labour) 


Turnout for the County Councillor Elections in Bassetlaw 31.53%.


Information from the run up to the Election

Elections for all 66 county councillors in Nottinghamshire will take place on Thursday 4 May 2017. Bassetlaw District Council will administer elections for the 9 county council seats in the District of Bassetlaw.

Following a recent boundary review nearly all the divisions have changed in either name or size across the county.

You can find maps of the Bassetlaw division boundaries here:

The polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm.

Notice of Poll

Statement of Persons Nominated

Agents' Names and Offices

Notice of Election

Voting in this Election

You can only vote if your name is on the Register of Electors. You have until Thursday 13 April 2017 to register for this election.

Voting by Post

The deadline to apply for a postal vote was 5.00pm on Tuesday 18 April 2017

Polling Station Locations

View the list of locations of polling stations in the District. 

If you are unsure about which polling station to go to, you can search the alphabetical street index.

Nottinghamshire County Council Boundary Review

Boundary Commission Review (external link to Nottinghamshire County Council website)