What Is Council Tax?

Council Tax is the way that Council's raise money to pay for services such as refuse collection, education, social services, libraries, planning, community safety, policing, fire and rescue services and much more. Council Tax is a charge on domestic dwellings for example houses, flats and bungalows. 

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Download the Council Tax Leaflet for 2018-2019.

We send out over 50,000 bills annually, one to each household in Bassetlaw.

Police, fire, County and local Council services are paid for by Council Tax and Government grants, and in some cases, through charges for services. Bassetlaw District Council sends the Council Tax bills and collects payment on behalf of the Fire Authority, the Police and Notts County Council.

The services provided by Bassetlaw District Council include: Community safety, leisure centres and parks, Planning and developmental control, Car parks, tourism, household refuse and trade waste collection, Economic regeneration, Housing needs, Housing benefit and Council Tax Reduction, Environmental health, sheltered warden schemes for the elderly and collection of Council Tax and Business Rates.

You can find details about the services provided by Nottinghamshire County Council at: www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk 

The website for Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service is: www.notts-fire.gov.uk and for the Nottighamshire Police and Crime Commissioner: www.nottinghamshire.pcc.police.uk

The amount of Council Tax for each household depends on the valuation band a properly has been placed in. The Government's Valuation Office Agency is responsible for deciding valuation bands.  

Privacy Statement 

We will use the information provided by you for the assessment and collection of Council Tax.  The basis under which the Council uses personal data for this purpose, is because this is a statutory function carried out by the Council.

The supporting legislation:

  • The Local Government Finance Act 1992 and
  • The Council Tax (Adminstration and Enforcement) regulations 1992

Information provided is held in line with the Councils Retention policy.

The information provided, may be used by other areas of the Council, the police and other public bodies for the recovery or detection of fraud or crime as permitted under the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

For more information, please view the Councils detailed Privacy Statement at www.bassetlaw.gov.uk/privacy




The Money Maze

The current financial climate and on-going economic recession is causing financial hardship for residents across the district and people are finding it harder to make ends meet.

The Money Maze Leaflet offers information and help with Council Tax and other debts.

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