What Are Council Tax Discounts?

Types of Discounts Available

Single Person Discount

A household with one adult occupier (over the age of 18yrs) is entitled to a 25% discount.  This is not a means tested discount and applies where there is only one adult resident.  The Council will check discount claims with third party records to ensure accuracy.

Please apply using the on-line form available on the right hand side of this page.

Even where there are two or more adults, you could still get the 25% discount if other  adult residents are disregarded.  Please see the information on Disregarded People.

Property Discounts

Section 11a of the Local Government Finance Act (2012) introduced discretionary powers which allow all Councils to decide how much discount is allowed on empty properties. Section 11b of this act also allows Councils to charge an additional 50% 'premium' on properties that have been empty for 2 years.

Furnished unoccupied Properties (second homes)

If there are no residents and the property is furnished the bill is charged as a second home at 100%.

A 50% job related discount may be available if you own a second property that you do not live in because you are required to live elsewhere for your job (e.g a school caretaker that may be required to live in on-site accommodation or a Pub Manager who is required to live on the premises). You may also receive 50% job related discount in respect of the property you are required to live in for employment purposes.

Empty  Properties (unoccupied and unfurnished)

For properties which become empty there is a 25% discount for up to 6 months, there is no discount after this 6 month period has expired.

Please note the discount begins on the date that property becomes empty. For example, if this is 2 weeks before the end of a tenancy agreement then the discount begins at that time. After the end of the tenancy a new period of discount does not begin again and the landlord would receive the remainder of any discounts available.

Similarly, if a property is sold and the previous owners vacate and remove their furniture before the completion of the sale, the new owner will receive the balance of any discounts available. A new period of discount does not begin again.

If the property is still empty after 2 years from the date it was unoccupied, a 50% premium will be added to the full charge (150% to pay).

Family annexe discount

This discount of 50% can apply in the following circumstances:

  • If you currently live in an annexe and are related to the person(s) living in the main house then you may be entitled to this new discount.


  • If you are the owner of an unoccupied annexe and you use it as part of your main house then this discount may also apply.

Please note – There is no discount if an annexe is occupied by a non-family member.

When Does The Discount Apply?

  • The annexe must be part of the main home, i.e. it must form part of a single property.
  • The family member living in the annexe must be related to the person(s) living in the main house in either of the following ways:
    • Spouse or civil partner (including unmarried people who are living together as a married couple and where a same sex couple are living together as if they were civil partners), parent, child/stepchild, grandparent, grandchild, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, great-grandparent/great-great-grandparent, great-grandchild/great-great-grandchild, great-uncle/great-great-uncle, great-aunt/great-great-aunt, great-nephew/great-great-nephew, great-niece/great-great-niece.
    • If the annexe is unoccupied and is being used as part of the main house.

In all cases our Property Inspector will visit you to discuss your application to ensure that you and the annexe meet the criteria for this discount.

Council Tax Reduction

This is a means tested discount, assessed using your financial details. For more information see the Council Tax Reduction page.

Information about other discounts can be found on the following pages: