Calendar of Forthcoming Meetings

June/July/August 2018

Wednesday, 20th June Planning Committee 6.30pm - Worksop Town Hall
Thursday, 28th June


Questions to full Council must be delivered in writing/by email to the Chief Executive by noon on 18th June

6.30pm - Retford Town Hall
Tuesday, 10th July


6.30pm - Retford Town Hall
Wednesday, 11th July Health and Safety Committee 1.30pm - Worksop Town Hall
Wednesday, 11th July Joint Employee Council 3.00pm - Worksop Town Hall
Wednesday, 18th July Planning Committee 6.30pm - Retford Town Hall
Tuesday, 24th July Overview and Scrutiny Committee 6.30pm - Retford Town Hall
Wednesday, 25th July Licensing Committee 6.30pm - Worksop Town Hall
Thursday, 26th July Audit and Risk Scrutiny  6.30pm - Worksop Town Hall
Thursday, 2nd August Extraordinary Council Meeting 6.30pm - Worksop Town Hall
Wednesday, 15th August Planning Committee 6.30pm - Worksop Town Hall

The next meeting of the A1 Housing Board will take place on Tuesday, 31st July 2018  at Carlton Forest at 4.00pm. However, this is NOT a Council meeting and does not need to comply with the provisions of the Local Government Act 2000.

Members of the public are invited to attend any/all Council meetings.  (Please note that some Agenda Items may be confidential).  The Council permits audio and/or visual recording and photography at Council meetings.  Proceedings of such meetings may also be reported via social media.

About the Meetings

The Council

The full Council consists of 48 Councillors and is made up of 32 Labour, 12 Conservatives and 4 Independents.  The Councillors determine the policies made including budgets and other strategic documents.  Full Council meets every cycle and acts as a watchdog to make sure that the Cabinet's decisions are in the best interests of the people of Bassetlaw.  You may, if you wish, ask a question of Council by writing to the Chief Executive.  Questions must be received by noon, seven clear working days before the meeting.

The Cabinet

The Cabinet is a group of eight elected Councillors and is chaired by the Leader of the Council. It monitors the performance and spending for the Council's priority areas and refers some key decisions to Full Council so that all 48 Councillors are involved in the final decision.


There are many Committees that meet on a regular basis.  Councillors from all the political groups are represented on the Committees and are chaired by a Member from the Labour Group as it forms the current political administration.

View our Membership of Council Committees 2018/19

Police and Crime Panel

A panel has been established incorporating representatives of the County, City, Borough and District Councils for Nottinghamshire.  The Panel is responsible for scrutinising the Commissioner, promoting openness in police business and supporting the Commissioner in the exercise of his functions.

For more information and the dates when the Panel meets, visit the Police and Crime Panel page of this website.