Community Safety Partnership

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The aim of the Partnership is to improve outcomes for local people so that the Partnership achieves their vision.

Within the Partnership we, as a district council, will take a lead role enabling the district partners to deliver strong outcomes in the area of community safety. Much of our community safety work is delivered through the Partnership.

Although most community safety partnerships operate at a District or City level, this partnership operates as a merged partnership over the two local district areas, Bassetlaw and Newark & Sherwood, (which is co-terminus with the Nottinghamshire Police Bassetlaw, Newark and Sherwood division).

The District Council enforces other legislation including Planning enforcement and environmental services (fly-tipping, abandoned vehicles, noise and licensing.)

The Partnership community safety strategy outlines the approach the partners will take to community safety over the next three years. It also details how the partnership will achieve its aims by identifying specific actions it will take to tackle problems identified by a twice-yearly strategic assessment of the issues.

The Partnership Summary Leaflet outlines briefly the actions for the current year.

The Induction guide provides details on more general community safety issues, identifies current legislation and policy requirements. It is a comprehensive introduction to community safety.