KURB Gallery

The KURB (Kindness and Understanding beats Racism and Bullying) project seeks to promote and reinforce positive values and is designed to tackle concerns raisesd by the Worksop Junior Council over issues happening in and out of school, on the streets and in social media. Junior Councillors wanted to focus on combating displays of prejudice that can prevent all people from feeling valued and included.

The idea originated from the Prospect/ Kilton Ward meeting of the Council which includes Prospect Hill Juniors, Sir Edmund Hillary and St Augustine’s Primary Schools. 

Chloe Coulson in Y6 at St Augustine’s proposed the idea and it was developed in both the Ward Meetings and the Junior Council meetings. The Junior Council then presented their ideas to Bassetlaw District Council’s Cabinet who very enthusiastically supported the aims and objectives of the campaign.

The Junior Council members led assemblies back in their schools to help children understand prejudice, racism and bullying and then set them a task of creating posters for the campaign. The winning design was by Grace Wooley from Prospect Juniors, who worked with both the District Council’s Graphic Design Team and local printers Redhead’s Digital to create a design that can be used across lots of different formats and locations.