Superfast Broadband

Superfast Broadband (1)

Bassetlaw District Council has joined with Sharpe Group who are an ICT services and solutions group of companies to bring the latest in SuperFast Internet Access to businesses and it’s available now.

This high speed direct internet access is delivered via wireless, so installation is quick and there’s no messing about with laying expensive cables. Internet speeds are between 5Mb and 1Gb with uncontended (not shared) direct internet access so it really is the fastest internet access available! Unlimited download and a revolutionary managed traffic throughput are some of the other great new features plus it’s delivered through a Service Level Agreement with guaranteed 99% uptime.

One of the major benefits to businesses is the direct internet access line is synchronous, this means you have the same upload to download speeds. With ADSL (broadband) technology the upload speed is 10x slower than the download speed. Why does this matter? In business today more and more companies are contributing to the internet and moving their backups and servers offsite (to the cloud), to do this requires high upload speeds which our solution offers.

So how much is this high-speed broadband going to cost your business? Well the more companies that sign up the cheaper it is going to be, Register For Superfast Broadband.