Priorswell Road Worksop Regeneration Area

Priorswell Road

Priorswell Road2The Council is currently exploring regeneration opportunities along the Priorswell Road area between the Priory area, Kilton Road and the Chesterfield Canal. This area is shown on the our Map of Priorswell Road.

Officers held a public consultation event on 29th January 2013 (3-7pm) at the BVCS (adjacent to the Priory Church) for residents, businesses and other interested parties to come and discuss what they would like to see happen in this area. 

The Council held a regeneration workshop on the 1 December 2014, chaired by The Prince’s Regeneration Trust (PRT). The objective was to engage local stakeholders in reviewing the opportunities for the area of the town that lies to the west of the Priory and how linkages to the town centre could be made.  From this priorities can be set for key buildings and open spaces and potential regeneration sites. The PRT report on this workshop details a series of recommendations for the future of the area.

Priorswell Road

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