Enterprise Grant Scheme

The Enterprise Grant scheme has been operating in the District for over 15 years and offers a grant for new start businesses of:

  • Up to £2,500 for businesses based on the High Street or starting Bed and Breakfast businesses
  • Up to £1,500 for other businesses

Businesses must be less than 18 months old to qualify and the business must be located in the District to qualify. All grants are up to 50% of project total with the above restrictions.
The process for applying is:

  • Application form with detail of what is being applied for.
  • This must be accompanied by a business plan, showing what the business is about, how it will sell to its’ customers, who its’ customers are and the individuals’ qualifications to run that particular business
  • The application must also have accompanying financial forecasts detailing income projections, line-by-line analysis of expenditure.

The application process is supported by our business advisor who can help applicants unused to thinking about business related matters. Where appropriate further business guidance and training is given through workshops and seminars or face to face with other businesses and advisors.

Since April 2014 decisions on grant applications have been made by a small grants panel comprising of two District Councillors (including Cabinet member for Regeneration), a local business representative plus Economic Development Manager.

Applicants may access the grant up front by taking a loan agreement with Two Shires Credit Union, which can be reverted to a grant subject to conditions.