Building Work Inspections

Building Control

Listed below are the various stages (where applicable) when Building Control should be contacted to arrange an inspection of work.

The Building Regulations specify certain statutory notifications where notice must be given.

Failure to notify may result in work having to be exposed for inspection.

In calculating the period of days, ‘days’ means any period of 24 hours commencing at midnight and excludes any Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday.

If you require a same day visit, do not use the online facility, call Building Control on 01909 533 184 before 10:00am.

ItemStageStatutory NotificationPeriod of Notice Required
1 Commencement Yes 2 Days
2 Excavations for foundations Yes 1 Day
3 Foundations (concrete laid) No 1 Day
4 Oversite (before covering) Yes 1 Day
5 Damp Proof membrane (prior to insulation/concreting) Yes 1 Day
6 Oversite (concrete laid) No 1 Day
7 Damp Proof Course Yes 1 Day
8 Floor Timbers No 1 Day
9 Steelwork/Lintels (including padstones and bearings) No 1 Day
10 Roof Timbers No 1 Day
11 Electrical First Fix No 1 Day
12 Insulation (walls, floor or roof) No 1 Day
13 Drains Laid (before covering up) Yes 1 Day
14 Drains Test (after backfilling and covering up) Yes 5 Days
15 Occupation of the Building Yes 5 Days
16 COMPLETION (of all work) Yes 5 Days
17 Other inspection request (please specify) No 1 Day

Additional inspections may be required depending on the type of project, to view items of work that could be covered up. These may include inspection of roofs, lintels and structural supports, insulation, electrical installations, fire stops and fire protection.

NB - Please advise Building Control at the time of depositing an application whether the electrical installation is being carried out by a person registered under a Competent Person scheme.