What Is Benefit Fraud?


Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction are funded by a combination of Government Grants and Council Tax, so they are funded by the taxes we all pay. Recent estimates of losses to the public purse for benefit fraud, which includes Department of Work and Pensions benefits such Jobseekers Allowance and Income Support are in the region of £2 Billion per year. That’s £80 for every household in the UK.

Our Counter Fraud Strategy highlights what we will do to minimise fraud entering the system as well as the steps we will take to prosecute or fine those who defraud the Council.

Our experience has shown that those who commit benefit fraud often do so out of greed and not necessarily need and honest people will turn a blind eye, as they do not believe that it directly affects them.

We are aware that:

  • Benefit Cheats fund their lifestyles at the expense of those who are honest and hardworking.

Please help us to stop fraud within Bassetlaw.