Blue Plaque Scheme

The District Council has launched a Blue Plaque Scheme to recognise important people who have lived in Bassetlaw over the centuries.

There is currently only one blue plaque in the district. It is dedicated to Squadron Leader Nowak (funded by the Armed Forces Covenant Fund).

We would be delighted to hear from residents and local groups about other individuals from the district’s past that it is felt should be recognised in this way.


  • Consideration will be given to the erection of plaques on buildings associated with famous people who:
    • Are likely to be regarded as eminent by a majority of members of their own profession or calling
    • Have made some important positive contribution to human welfare or happiness


    • Merit local recognition
  • Commemoration will not be considered during the subject’s lifetime or within five years of their death.
  • Plaques should not be erected on the sites of former houses occupied by famous people.
  • Plaques shall only exceptionally be erected on buildings occupied for less than two years by the person being commemorated.
  • Plaques will be considered for commemoration of sites of special historical interest.
  • A building shall not be marked solely because it figures in a work of fiction.
  • Suggestions for plaques will not normally be considered where the person is already commemorated by a plaque, previously erected by the Council or some other local or national organisation.


To nominate a person or event to be commemorated, you will need to provide:

  • The name of the person or details of the event
  • The property or site on which the plaque should be placed, including the owner’s name and address
  • Details of why you think the person or event is worthy of consideration based on the selection criteria above.
  • Funding for the blue plaques is limited, so consideration will be given if other sources of funding are known

An application can be submitted either Online or by emailing Planning Conservation Team, telephone 01909 533427 or emailing Head of Corporate Services.

PLEASE NOTE: The District Council requires the permission of the property owner to install a blue plaque. The Council cannot insist agreement is given.

Determining Application

A Panel consisting of:

  • District Council Cabinet Member for Regeneration
  • District Council Ward Councillor(s)
  • Civic Society representative (if Worksop or Retford)
  • Parish Council representative (if in a rural area)
  • Policy and Communications Manager
  • Conservation Officer

Blue Plaque Hardy Street


Current Blue Plaques

Hardy Street, Worksop

Squadron Leader Wladyslaw Jan Nowak

First Polish fighter pilot to shoot down a German plane at night 1941. Helped refugees after the war from his shop on Hardy Street.