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The Council provides bowling facilities at the following three sites:


Goosemoor Lane

The Goosemoor Bowling Greens in Retford are used by the Goosemoor Bowls Club. They play in the Retford & District League, Goosemoor Afternoon League and the Worksop Friday League.


New members are more than welcome to join the club regardless of the level of experience. For further details please contact Mr Tony Perry on 01777 704656 or email him at

Kings' Park

The Kings Park Bowling Greens are based at Kings' Park, Retford. New members are always welcome to play mid week or weekends with the Retford Park Bowls Club.  For further details please contact Mr Paul Dyson (mid week captain) on 01777 703846 or Mr Peter Johnson (Saturday captain) on 01777 700690.

Retford Park Club Fixtures 2013

HI-POINT LEAGUE - Matches starting at 6:30pm SATURDAY LEAGUE - Matches starting at 2:00pm
Thursday 21st May 12th May
Thursday 30th May 25th May
Tuesday 18th June 8th June
Tuesday 2nd July 15th June
Wednesday 10th July 6th July
Thursday 23rd July 27th July
Thursday 1st August 17th July
  24th August


Kilton Forest Golf Course

The Canon Bowls Club is based at the Kilton Forest Golf Course.  For more information please contact Mr J Kirby (Club Secretary) on (01909) 487457.

Canon Bowls Club Fixtures 2013

HI-POINT LEAGUE - Matches starting at 6:30pm SATURDAY LEAGUE - Matches starting at 2:00pm
Tuesday 7th May 25th May
Tuesday 28th May 8th June
Tuesday 11th June 15th June
Monday 17th June 29th June
Monday 1st July 6th July
Thursday 25th July 27th July
Monday 8th August 17th August



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