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Equality and Diversity


Every person in Bassetlaw matters and the Council welcomes the fact that society consists of many diverse groups and individuals. The diversity of our communities is an asset to the district which brings a vibrancy to life in Bassetlaw.


We are committed to equality for all our people regardless of age, sex, responsibility for dependents, race, religion, sexuality, transgender, disability, social class or trade union membership. This applies to the services we deliver and our employment practices.


As a Council we have a central role to play. We are a big employer that values the diversity of the workforce and will challenge discrimination in the workplace. We are also a leader of the community and will not accept discrimination, victimisation or harassment.

Annual Report

The Annual Report 2013 highlights the work of the Council, with its partners on addressing equality and diversity issues within our local communities. It provides information about Bassetlaw and the reasons for the Councils priorities. Hard copy versions of the report are available at our Offices in Worksop and Retford and local libraries It can be made available in other formats if required. For further information please contact Stephen Brown, Senior Manager Support Services 01909 533767


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Diversity and Equality Policy

The Council’s Diversity and Equality Policy outlines the Council commitment to:


  • Ensuring that diversity is recognised and valued within its policies, practices and operating standards.
  • Promoting and encouraging diversity, and recognising the value that respecting difference brings.
  • Promoting an environment where equality of treatment for all its citizens, customers and stakeholders can be continuously improved and developed.
  • Ensuring that quality services meet the requirements and expectations of all its diverse communities – throughout the District – regardless of their personal circumstances and background.
  • Developing policies and practices, as an employer, which recruit and retain staff with the ability and skills to deliver services effectively to a diverse range of citizens.


Promoting diversity and equality issues where we work in partnership or have influence with other bodies that are service providers/contractors and with other key organisations in the district – with the overall aim of promoting the value and purpose of equality and diversity programmes.


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The Council’s Single Equality Scheme

The Single Equality Scheme is a public commitment by all parts of the Council to meet the duties placed on us by equality laws.  The Scheme will be based around seven equality strands.  (Age, disability, gender issues, race, religion and belief, sexual orientation and socio economic factors).  The Council is also including rural inclusion given its impact on accessibility to services for many residents in Bassetlaw.  Our Scheme will run from 2010-2013.


As we work very closely as organisations across the same communities, this is a joint scheme with A1 Housing Limited.  Irrespective of the legal duties, tackling the impacts of inequality lies at the heart of our organisation.  Equality issues do not fit into neat organisational boxes.  Inequality impacts on the most vulnerable in our communities.  No single organisation can deal with all these issues on its own – partnership working is a key feature of our work.


This is now our second joint equality scheme, the first was published in 2008.  Since that time both organisations have built upon their equality work.  This new Scheme has been developed with support from key local agencies and community groups across Bassetlaw.  The Council needs to ensure that it keeps its Scheme under regular review so that it truly reflects what is happening in our local communities.  We need your comments and observations.  You can do this by going to the Consultation Section.  You can also find information about our previous Disability, Race and Gender Schemes.


The new Single Equality Scheme outlines how we will promote equality and diversity in everything we do, from delivering our services to recruiting and employing staff.  This will be kept under review both in response to any changes in the communities across Bassetlaw and in light of feedback we get from organisations and individuals.  Full copies are available here.



The Single Equality Scheme links to the Council’s Strategic Priorities.  The Scheme includes:


  • Employment Practices
  • Providing Services
  • Working with others
  • Buying Services from others
  • Involving communities and consulting others
  • Training


The Scheme also contains detailed Equality and Diversity Statements for:


  • Age
  • Disabled People
  • Black and Minority Ethnic Communities
  • Gender and Transgender Identity
  • Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals
  • Religious and Other Beliefs
  • Other Categories


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Our Equality Priorities

The Council acknowledges that all the identified areas contained in the Equality Act 2010 are important.  In regards to the local situation within Bassetlaw and our knowledge of the local communities, and after consultation with a number of local organisations, the following have been identified as groups we need to give particular attention to – older persons, young people, those with disabilities, new communities and rural communities. The act required The Council to publish its objectives by April 2012, and then every four years after. The Councils objectives are:-


  • Ensure that appropriate levels of monitoring take place to provide a regular profile of the Council‟s customers.

  • Development of an Anti-Poverty Strategy for Bassetlaw.

  • Address the needs of older people within Bassetlaw.

  • Work with partner organisations to address the needs of the migrant worker population in Bassetlaw.

  • To ensure our services reflect the needs of registered disabled residents.

  • Support the development of a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) forum in Bassetlaw.

  • To review Hate Crime reporting arrangements.

  • Continue to support women‟s services.

  • Develop a Children and Young People‟s Plan to focus on achieving the five outcomes of „Every Child Matters‟.

  • Support the development of the Community Engagement Network to improve the two way flow of information and advice.

  • To review the Council‟s Grant Aid to ensure it supports the delivery of the Equality Objectives.

  • To develop the „Help Point‟ network to improve access to services for rural communities in Bassetlaw.

  • Complete the equal pay review.

  • Get an update on our Annual Report 2013

Bassetlaw Equality Profile

The Single Equality Scheme and Action Plan have been developed to take into account what we know about communities across Bassetlaw.  It is important that our proposed priorities and actions reflect local need.  Information can be found here about the Bassetlaw area.


What we are doing on Equalities

The Council has to ensure that its equality and diversity work is in line with national (and international) legislation and reflects the corporate priorities. It is however the actions we deliver that make the biggest impact.


Details of some of the practical measures we have taken, which often involves working with a wide range of partners, can be found by visiting our "What we are doing on Equalities" page.  


We welcome feedback on this work:


  • Are our priorities the right ones?
  • Should we continue the work we are doing?
  • Are there other priorities you think we have missed?


To let us have your views, see the Consultation section.

Equality Impact Assessment

An Equality Impact Assessment - also known as an Impact, Needs and Requirement Assessment (INRA) - is a way to make sure individuals and teams think carefully about the likely impact of policies or procedures, strategies, functions and services, to identify any unmet needs, and to provide a basis for action to improve services where appropriate.


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Delivering on our promises

The Council’s Cabinet maintains an overview of all actions to ensure we are delivering on our equality objectives.  Senior Managers have responsibility for these objectives.  Our ‘Equality Champions’ Group involves staff from all Service areas in helping to develop the work.

Sources of Information

EHRC logo


The Equality and Human Rights Commission have a statutory remit to promote and monitor human rights; and to protect, enforce and promote equality across the seven “protected” grounds – age, disability, gender, race religion and belief, sexual orientation and gender reassignment.



The Commission provides a range of advice and information, helpline:  0845 604 6610.

The Regional Equality and Diversity Partnership (REDP)

The Regional Equality and Diversity Partnership (REDP) works collectively to promote equality across the East Midlands through policy development and organisational changes.  This will be achieved by mainstreaming a focus on equality and human rights throughout the region. REDP is a partnership of voluntary sector organisations working with the public and private sector, by providing training, research, information, advice and appropriate challenge.




Regional Equality and Diversity Partnership


5-9 Upper Brown Street




Tel: 0116 285 9440

Fax: 0116 222 5008

BCVS (Bassetlaw Community and Voluntary Service)

BCVS encourages community initiatives and involvement, community information and networking as well as offering practical help to local organisations working in partnership to maximise potential.


Tel: 01909 476118

Fax: 01909 480501

Bassetlaw Action Centre

Bassetlaw Action Centre is a Community Resource Agency linking individuals and organisations with help and support.


Tel: 01777 709650


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Further information from the Council

If you require further information on Equality and Diversity and cannot find on these pages please send an email to or telephone 01909 533767.


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